Pause workshops are used by organisations to help improve mental well being, creativity and communication.

Mark making, pattern, collage and sculpture combine to form a series of creative tasks, breathing exercises and playful challenges.

All you need to host a workshop is a meeting space or events room. We provide all materials, specialist design tutoring and will guide you though specific  techniques based on the science of mindfulness.

The importance of taking a Pause...

By generating space to stop and ask the question - How am I? - we are forced to address our ideas and allow space to come up with better ones.

Allowing time to regularly step back from routine promotes creative problem solving, helps manage stress, and helps us get the most out of our time at work. 

Sample Workshops

Working as a team you will discover the beauty of mistakes, learn to relinquish control, and open your mind to the ideas that come from accidental collaborations.

Throughout the exercise you will be encouraged by the tutor to explore new ways of making marks and will learn specic techniques to work with mono print.


Using a combination of calming meditation processes and design tutoring you will learn how to work with clay to produce a series of geometric sculptures.

The grounding effects of working with the hands provide an opportunity to relax but also spark a sense of child like freedom which is very beneficial for ideas production.


In this pause you will learn about the craft of weaving and its origins.

We will look at how the process can have a grounding effect on your concentration. Exploring paper weaving you will challenge your creativity to generate unique patterns and colour combinations.
Details and Pricing

Our costs are based on one tutor and include all materials, setup and cleaning costs. Its best to email us directly to discuss your options, so we can work out which workshop programe would suit you best.

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